Give My INRI-gards to Broadway

The announcement came Tuesday night: Godspell will be closing on June 24. Sad news, but no one was completely taken by surprise, as it’s been struggling, and we all knew it would have to end sometime. I was at the show Tuesday, and found myself reflecting on what a fantastic experience it’s been (aside from a few gross showbiz-type things, but applying the curve, it averages out to pretty fantastic). I’ve gotten to work with some of the most unfairly-advantaged talents in New York, and made some lifelong friends (well, so far – jury’s still out, I guess).

Of course, this line of work is all about rolling with the changes. Corbin Bleu and Hannah Elless have taken on the tracks vacated by Hunter Parrish (huge TV star) and Lindsay Mendez (whore), and are fitting in seamlessly with the rest of the maniacs, a bunch of whom are already gearing up for their next projects. Just a few off the top of my head: the aforementioned Lindsay is doing “Dogfight” this summer (the new Joe Mantello-helmed Pasek & Paul musical at Second Stage; can’t wait for this one), and I hear she’s got another huge gig lined up for after that. And even though I had a dream last night that she told me it’s true, I can’t confirm beyond that. Nick Blaemire is also going into Dogfight, as well as fronting his band, The Hustle (their new EP is killer), and Telly Leung will be in the world premiere of Allegiance at The Old Globe in San Diego with George Takei and the eleven other Asians in show business. I’m sure there’s more activity brewing for the rest of the cast, and I’ll post it here as I find out about it – they’re all too super-talented, tenacious, and downright decent to have to be out of work for long.

Prepare ye the 'Way of the Broad-.

And I don’t have time to sit around and pout either, I’m glad to say: I’ve been writing a couple of new projects. Right now we’re trying to get a reading of Lady happening, with musical direction by G-spell associate conductor Matt Hinkley (though I’m waiting for him at the diner right now for a meeting he apparently forgot about, so maybe NOT [full disclosure department: he just called: rehired!]). And if the prodigal producer of “12 Angry Men” ever resurfaces, there’s supposed to be a reading of that soon as well. Now if only a paying gig would present itself….

Sure, the news about “Godspell” is disappointing; for many of us, it’s been our first Broadway gig. But nothing lasts forever – and if the NYC critics (with a couple of beloved exceptions) had had their way, we’d've been shuttered by Thanksgiving. It’s not like producer Ken Davenport didn’t give it his all – he did everything he could (and more) to keep us up and running. So we can all feel good about what we put out there. As I write this, there are fourteen more shows left. I’m hoping to catch a couple of ‘em – and then I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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