Song of the Week: “Bad Kid”

Demo from The Other, based on the novel by Thomas Tryon. I was trying to get the rights to this material some years ago, and had to go through the author’s estate to do so. This ended up being more scary than anything in the novel. The book agent was terrific, and completely on the ball, if somewhat powerless. The Sister of the Dead Boyfriend (seriously) was nice, but had no idea what was happening. The Friend from the Old Days was a nightmare (insisted on being addressed by his first initial and middle name, spoke like the Mistress of the Manor, and tried to tell me that I could not possibly get to the Bronx by traveling east from my apartment). Shockingly, this project was not to be, but about eleven songs came from it. I’d still like to have a crack at this one, but it doesn’t seem very likely.

CREDITS: Lead vocals – Will Ullrich and Kevin Csolak (all grown up now, and do they ever write or call?); backing vocals – I can’t remember, but I know Lorinda Lisitza and I are on it… hey, Liz Lark Brown, did you do this too? AJ Irvin? Am I just making that up?

Music, lyrics and guitars by MH

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