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Dry those tears, all few dozen of my loyal readers: I’m back! Recently, it’s come to my attention (because I, y’know, checked) that I have not posted any uplifting news about my glamorous existence since October of last year.

It certainly isn’t because I haven’t been near a computer all this time – I spent pretty much every day of 2013 working on two (count ‘em) full-length scores: You’re Gonna Hate This, the revue I did with Lindsay Mendez at Joe’s Pub last April, and the newly-minted Horizon, about which something cool is happening – hence this triumphant return to the blogosphere. (I mean, anyone who’s ever met me already knows that my exciting career has been at a virtual standstill lately [it happens - or doesn't, as the case may be {or not}], and if you’re on earth, you’re aware that there’s weather outside. Beyond that, what’s to write about?)

Turns out that little baby Horizon has been invited to Minneapolis, as part of Theater Latté Da’s NEXT Festival. My collaborator Chip Klose (book) and I (music and lyrics) will be spending a couple of weeks in early May workshopping what we hath wrought (and making snow angels, probably) – culminating in three staged reading-type performances, complete with audience feedback and terror! It’s a crucial step in the piece’s development, and we are excited and gratified for the opportunity so soon out of the gate. Did I mention terror?

I’ll be posting more about this in the coming weeks. In the meantime, my plan is to continue careening along the ragged brink of eviction, so feel free to keep vicariously living your showbiz dreams through Yours Truly. (The good news is I made so astonishingly little money last year that I only owe a few hundred bucks in taxes! The bad news is I do not have it.)

Typography by Chip Klose. Photo of his own typography: Chip Klose. (He's like Prince, he does everything.)

Typography by Chip Klose.
Photo of his own typography: Chip Klose.
(He’s like Prince, he does everything.)

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2 Responses to Like Falling Off a Blog

  1. Roy O'Neil says:

    Michael this is wonderful and so encouraging so quickly. I am jealous. Jane Caplow at Latte Da was very helpful in reading and advising on early versions of my show when she was with Davenport Theatrical.

  2. Brett says:

    A new Michael Holland musical is a happy thing in the universe! When do we get to hear it?!?!?!?!?

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