Song of the Whenever I Feel Like It: “Grace”

from Horizon
Performed by Some Hack

Over these last months that I’ve been neglecting the Song of the Week feature, I’ve actually been pretty busy making some up. And now, here comes one!

I don’t tend to share a lot of home demos from my musicals on here, because despite their protestations to the contrary, people tend not to know how to listen to them. For instance, they’ll hear me squawking out the girl parts like I’m falling down a well, and somehow conclude that I really want them to sound that way. Like that’s my vision.

But here’s a simple, unadorned one performed in plain old ordinary man voice. You don’t need to know a ton of plot to get it (I hope!) – suffice it to say that Jack, the dubiously empowered family patriarch, is hiding out in the nursery for a rare moment of sanity with his newborn granddaughter. (My unnervingly youthful collaborator Chip “Showbusiness-Hasn’t-Destroyed-My-Soul-Yet” Klose has placed the character’s advanced age all the way up there at 49 [Jack's, not the baby's], but I dug deep. Enjoy.)

Music, lyrics, and both sounds by Michael Holland
©2013 Holland Highwater Music, ASCAP

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One Response to Song of the Whenever I Feel Like It: “Grace”

  1. Donald Rettmann says:

    I just listened to this again this morning. So beautiful! And your rich gorgeous baritone is my favorite sound of yours.

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