Song of the Week: “He’s Angry This Evening”

From You’re Gonna Hate This
Performed by Lindsay Mendez & Michael Holland

Ran into the studio last week for a minute with The Lindsay Mendez, and managed to crank out a couple more ditties from You’re Gonna Hate This. Oh, look: here’s one now!

So here’s the deal. If your show has the word Hate in the title, the songs can’t all be fun romps about passive-aggressive old people or murderous busboys. Sometimes you actually have to go there, and this one certainly does. Even though it was written weeks in advance of some of this year’s more jawdropping headlines, the whole Hate team debated cutting this one from our April performance at Joe’s Pub out of respect. In the end, we agreed that we had to do it; sometimes art gets to be more than just an entertaining distraction. At least it used to. (Showing my age again?)

And besides, just listen to her on this thing. I mean, come on.

Vocals: Lindsay Mendez & MH
The Band: MH
(Vocals recorded by MP Kuo at Lofish Studios, NYC)

Music & lyrics by Michael Holland
©2013 Holland Highwater Music, ASCAP

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