Mashup of the Week: God Shave the Queen

Recently I took part in a new concert series called “Inspired,” curated by my friend Bobby Cronin, as a benefit for the ASPCA (not to be confused with ASCAP) and the Last Resort Animal Rescue (not to be confused with BMI). The concept was that a bunch of theatre composers would perform the songs which inspired us to actually become composers in the first place. Interestingly, most of us were initially corrupted by pop, myself included – my naively prescient weakness being a little quartet called Queen. (Makes ya wonder: had there been a band called Drunk, would I have been into them as well?) Today everybody just accepts them as an inevitability on the musical landscape, though it should be noted that back in the day this was not the case. Their music gets played a lot more now than it ever did then, as it didn’t usually fit the cookie-cutter preferences of the industry – glad that’s no longer a problem, eh, kids? And that’s why we’re all in the theatre: Land of Innovation! Yeah, right.

Anyway, I couldn’t decide on one Queen anthem (imagine that), so I picked a whole bunch. The scruff has been getting mixed reviews (like I care: I’m 50 and I do what I want), but the mashup went over well! So here it is – till the cease-and-desist arrives anyway. Enjoy.

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