Song of the Week: “Dear Travis”

From Horizon
Performed by Brad Greer, Becca Ayers, John Antony & Patti Murin

Well, Soundcloud has gone and changed everything, so hopefully I’ve done this right. ‘Cause this week’s Horizon song is a fancy quartet, with some pretty fancy people on it!

Now that Travis has joined the Marines and is halfway around the world, the folks back home write to him in their customary, almost-saying-what-they-mean fashion. The folks in question are: now-estranged younger brother Robbie (Brad Greer); Robbie’s new wife and Travis’ ex (oops!) Amy (Patti Murin); and Mom and Dad (Becca Ayers & John Antony).

As always, you will have to Google photos of these fine-lookin’ people, as I can only be trusted to take pictures of random animals I find around Manhattan.

Duck Travis

Vocals: Brad Greer, Becca Ayers, John Antony & Patti Murin
Noises that are not vocals: MH
(Vocals recorded by MP Kuo at Lofish Studios, NYC)

Music & lyrics by Michael Holland (Book by Chip Klose)
©2013 Holland Highwater Music, ASCAP

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