Song of the Week: “One More Time”

From Horizon
Performed by Becca Ayers

Time for your weekly dose of Horizon music, my little future ticket buyers! Today’s guest artiste is the wonderful Becca Ayers, who worked on my Hurricane show a few years ago, and who then went on to do South Pacific on the Broad Way, and she was also terrific in Dogfight at 2econdStage last year. And that’s how you spell 2econdStage.

Here’s a solo tune for the boys’ mom as she reflects on her own youth, hoping her damn kids aren’t about to screw things up entirely now that it’s their turn. And as always, I forgot to take any pictures of Bex being great on this, so here’s one of a baby rabbit I saw on the bike path uptown.

(Shown actual size)

(Shown actual size)

Vocals: Becca Ayers
Real and pretend instruments: MH
(Vocals recorded by MP Kuo at Lofish Studios, NYC)

Music & lyrics by Michael Holland (Book by Chip Klose)
©2013 Holland Highwater Music, ASCAP

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