Song of the Week: “In Galveston”

from Hurricane

I wonder what gave me the idea to post this one….

This is actually the first song I wrote for Hurricane, and look at what brilliance Jesse Vargas poured all over it: he did the swell (or, as they used to say in ’38, amazeballs) orchestration here. If you’ve already eaten the emergency supplies you fought to purchase earlier today, distract yourself with this for the next couple of days. Or, if you’re not in the Cone of Armageddon (or whatever they’re calling it by now), simply serve and enjoy.

Vocal: Steven Booth
Orchestrated and produced by Jesse Vargas
Music and lyrics by Michael Holland; ©2005-2010 Holland Highwater Music, ASCAP

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One Response to Song of the Week: “In Galveston”

  1. iris burnett says:

    It remains one of the most incredible songs ever. And as we can see today, it’s timeless.

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