Song of the Week: “Coincidence” from 12 Angry Men

Here’s a tune from the recently dismissed score to 12 Angry Men – now this is a home demo, so you have to IMAGINE twelve different people singing this one, instead of the same person twelve times. If you are unable to do this, then perhaps you too can be a producer! (Or maybe I’m wrong and this just sucks. You decide.)

Music and lyrics by Michael Holland; ©2012 Holland Highwater Music, ASCAP

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One Response to Song of the Week: “Coincidence” from 12 Angry Men

  1. James Bidgood says:

    Hi Michael,
    Yes! Its alive—still!
    What a pisser. I played “Coincidence” and thought I was listening to the score from a Broadway Show. You are so fruitful you should forgive my choice of adjective. It makes me very sad
    that you do not have a show on Broadway. I don’t know what else to say. I know you are great and so do a host of other readers of your blog . I am offended you even had to suffer this person—the 12 Angry Whatever “producer” who sounds way condescending and much like he were squeezing melons at a produce market. What are his credentials—his purse? He seems only to know what he’s not looking for. You didn’t mention his ever describing what sort of sound he was hearing when he imagined that jury room or does he even have an imagination. Why do so many people think they can play lets pretend with out an imagination—- with no ability to see and hear with the minds eyes and ears —completely incapable of envisioning as idea. And why are they often the person in charge. I may die hating almost everyone.

    I don’t know if I told you I write an advice column now —accent on the vice–on a semi regular basis —nothing to do with theater —but its great fun to write–more than likely far less fun to read. Please give it the once over—just google Dear Biddy B. I have somehow lost your email address which is very annoying.
    Love, Jim

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