Song(s) of the Week: “Prologue/The Oath/Hottest Day of the Year” (demo)

from 12 (a song cycle)

This is the opening we came up with for the 12 Angry Men project (RIP), which happens in three phases. First, the Prologue, which functions as a mini-overture of sorts, introducing several thematic motifs and establishing the ticking-clock aspect we were going for during much of the show. It also acts as underscoring for a series of random answers to questions put to the various jurors (unheard by us) – but that’s dialogue and I didn’t write that, so it’s not on this recording. (It’s crazy enough for me to have to sing all twelve guys’ parts; I’m not doing the talking too!) Next comes The Oath, the text of which is taken from an actual jurors’ oath, with a few tiny tweaks for scansion, etc. This leads to the opening number proper: Hottest Day of the Year. What you need to know: it’s hot. And they’re mad.

Credit Where Credit Is Due Department: The ideas for all three of these components came from my brilliant and inspiring collaborator, David Simpatico – and I just ran with ‘em. Though maybe I shouldn’t say so: the producer said he liked David’s work but not mine so much (and I’m not sure he knows that I didn’t make up my stuff in a vacuum – or who came up with what). But then again, he also said I took too long to do my work (for those of you tuning in late: three months to write 22 songs). I’m not sad about it anymore though, so don’t worry, everybody.

Next week, I’ll show you how the end of the score bookends this part, which admittedly was my idea. Uh oh….

Music & lyrics ©2012 Holland Highwater Music, ASCAP

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