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My Brilliant Careen

I haven’t driven a car since 1991. Or, more accurately, that’s when my license expired. I did drive in P’town once in ’98 or so, but only because the friend who’d brought us to the A-house was asleep by the … Continue reading

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If You’ve Seen One Mall, You’ve Seen…The Mall.

New York is boring. There, I said it. When I first moved here over twenty years ago, old-timers would lament the passing of The Good Ol’ Days™ – a time when one could stroll safely through Central Park at night, … Continue reading

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Practicing Scales: The Weigh We Were

So there I was, minding my own business at the local Target (I know, people are still doing that cute Tarzhay or Targét thing, but up here in the mean streets of Inwood, we refer to it as El Targhetto. … Continue reading

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Yet More Noise for the Blathersphere

So George is making my website. But he’s also making me write one of these infernal blog things. It’s not that I’m resistant to the idea; it’s just that I’m kinda busy, and I’m worried about making another commitment. Okay, … Continue reading

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