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Song of the Week: “Holidays Are Too Expensive”

Performed by Michael Holland and Lindsay Mendez From the forthcoming show/album/diatribe “You’re Gonna Hate This” We have a show date, you guys! “You’re Gonna Hate This” is happening in April; more announcements coming soon. In the meantime, here’s one to … Continue reading

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Rain, Dear

It’s another drizzly, early spring morning in NYC – in December. This is the second consecutive year where we appear to be gearing up for a relatively mild winter, and cries of global warming fill the holiday air. Next year … Continue reading

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Blog Party: All the News That’s Fit to Be Alluded To

Amid the furious activity that is my life (I’m up!!), I neglected to post a blog entry last week, and here’s what happened: Even so, my initial intention way back in May of 2012 (it was a far more innocent … Continue reading

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