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Felines (whoa whoa whoa, felines)

Returning home unexpectedly one day, I could clearly hear the television when I got to my door. Stealthily slipping my key into the lock, I then crept in, surprising the culprits. “Chad! Mason!” They leapt from the couch, instantly offering … Continue reading

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Cat Boats

“Daddy?” said Chad (the gray one). “Tell the story of how you got us?” “Oh, come on,” I sighed. “I need to sleep. Besides, I’ve told you a million times.” Creeping up to the pillow, he whispered, “But we wanna … Continue reading

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Practicing Scales: The Weigh We Were

So there I was, minding my own business at the local Target (I know, people are still doing that cute Tarzhay or Targét thing, but up here in the mean streets of Inwood, we refer to it as El Targhetto. … Continue reading

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