Song of the Week: “You Never Know”

From Horizon
Performed by Patti Murin and Brad Greer

In today’s episode, it’s the eve of 18-year-old Robbie’s departure for college – and girlfriend Amy’s last chance to tell him something really important, you guys!!! Meanwhile, all Robbie can manage to do is congratulate himself for finally getting out of Dodge – it’s kind of a theme with him, and we really need to have a talk about it. Trouble is, Amy’s pregnant (there will be some clarifying dialogue at some point, but if you pay attention to how she explains that families “grow…and grow,” you’ll get it before Robbie does). Complicating things further is the fact that their relationship has been a secret up till now, because Amy is also older brother Travis’ ex-girlfriend. Usually. OMG, it’s just like life!

Except for the parts where they sing – and do they ever! Once again, the sensational Brad Greer played Robbie; check him out in the upcoming Orion Experience. And Amy was sung by the phenomenal – and certifiable – Patti Murin, who currently is in Love’s Labour’s Lost at Shakespeare in the Park, and who made me laugh so hard during the session that I had a headache for an hour afterward. The fun kind!

Vocals: Patti Murin & Brad Greer
Everything else: MH
(Vocals recorded by MP Kuo at Lofish Studios, NYC)

Music & lyrics by Michael Holland (Book by Chip Klose)
©2013 Holland Highwater Music, ASCAP

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  1. Ed Gaffney says:

    Made my morning. Thanks! :)

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