Song of the Week: “Horizon”

From “Horizon”
Performed by Brad Greer & Eric Michael Krop

I think I promised you guys some new music this summer, so here comes some! I’ve been writing this show with my friend Chip Klose, and we were in the studio last week with some incredible performers, having a blast and making a ruckus. The show is called Horizon, and it’s based on something, though I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you what yet and it’s too early to call Chip. But this is the title song, and here’s the setup: Robbie (Brad Greer) is about to ditch his small town and go off to college and see the world, to the bemusement and good-natured derision of older brother Travis (Eric Michael Krop). I think that’s all you need to know so far, but rest assured something is about to change everything and then all kinds of stuff happens!!!!!

I am becoming notorious for forgetting to photo-document these soon-to-be-legendary recording sessions – usually because I’m too busy cutting up with the engineer or staring incredulously at my own charts. So here’s a pic of Eric pretending to sing after we were already done with everything:

Singing Face 101

Singing Face 101

Of course, I neglected to get a shot of Brad, who is also handsome, so just use your imagination. Or enjoy another faked candid shot of EMK:

Serving you sass since like the 90's, or something ridiculous.

Serving you sass since like the 90′s, or something ridiculous.

Vocals: Brad Greer & Eric Michael Krop
Produced, arranged & all instruments by MH
(Vocals recorded by MP Kuo at Lofish Studios, NYC)

Music & lyrics by Michael Holland
©2013 Holland Highwater Music, ASCAP

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