Get Out

June is LGBT Pride Month. All over the meadow and the hill.

There's pride in that there shirt.

There’s pride in that there shirt.

It’s also the month my friend JD Doyle has chosen to spotlight yours truly on his internet radio programme (which is LGBT talk for “show”) OutRadio! JD is a chronicler/historian/archivist/enthusiast/champion of queer music, and an all-around great guy, so give him a listen. You’ll discover some great artists, and you don’t even have to be a degenerate to like ‘em!

MH & JD (see? I really do know him!)

MH & JD (see? I really do know him!)

This is a fun feature for me, particularly as I haven’t done a solo recording in a decade now. Mind you, I have enough material in the vaults for another ten or so, but I can’t afford to make more unless you pay for it. And then agree to store them in your house after they’re done.

But for all you non-moguls out there, just tune in, enjoy the music, and have a fabulous June…whether you’re bugs’n out of bushes or huckin’ the bejeepers.

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