Song of the Week: “Beatrice’s Boyfriend”

from Beach Toys Won’t Save You (2003)

I realize I should rename this feature Song of the Whenever I Feel Like It, but I’ve been too busy scrambling for money and threatening to leave the business (again) to be concerned with things like consistency. Anyway, after a fairly Holly Jolly Memorial Day we’re finally getting some seasonal weather in NYC, so I thought I’d share this oldie. Hard to believe I was recording this CD ten years ago, and harder still to imagine that it was already a song from the vaults then; I actually wrote it in 1985!!! In crayon. So break out the sunscreen, and enjoy this twisted little tale of insecurity and probably murder. Happy summer!

Piano, piano, programming, platinum hair, alliteration: MH
Bass: Michael Visceglia
Drums: Ray Grappone
Electric guitar: Ted Stafford
Tambourine, castanets: Joe Mowatt
The Beach Toys (backing vocals): Jerry Smith, MH

© 2003 Holland Highwater Music, ASCAP; Ⓟ 2003 Miss Prim Records

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One Response to Song of the Week: “Beatrice’s Boyfriend”

  1. Donald Rettmann says:

    I loved “in crayon”.

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