Song of the Week: “Hello Again, Thomas Edison”

From “You’re Gonna Hate This”
Performed by Michael Holland & Lindsay Mendez

Behold: an 8-minute mini-musical for your enjoyment. This epic stopped the show at Joe’s Pub a couple of weeks ago, which is a good thing, because it also ended it. Oh, and there was a choir.

Piano/vocals: MH
Vocals: Lindsay Mendez
Conductor: Michael Borth
Guitars: Sean Driscoll & Matt Hinkley
Bass: Daniel Fabricatore
Drums: Jay Mack
Percussion: Jeff Roberts
Choir (you didn’t think I was kidding, did you?): Brittany Bara, Lucas Brady, Karin Bryeans, Melissa Castillo, Bo Clark, Ashley Dillard, Risa Dorkin, Charles A. Franklin, Tom Horvath, Adam Levy, Stefanie Miller, Chris Stevens

Music & lyrics by Michael Holland
©2013 Holland Highwater Music, ASCAP

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