Water You Talking About?!

A notice was taped to the front door of my building yesterday, alerting us to a slight issue regarding our water supply, so I thought I’d pass this information along in the event that you have not been similarly briefed. Having deciphered the pidgin-legalese to the best of my ability, here is what I learned: it seems that when Hurricane Sandy came last fall (and was no longer a hurricane by then [no, it WASN'T] so watch out next time), there was some wind involved. Some of this wind moved the water around in the reservoir upstate, stirring up/awakening the filth on the bottom, so the water was treated with some extra chlorine – just like Mom used to process! – and a shot of ultra-violet light to kill the unwanted creepy-crawlies that live in it, but some of the filth got out anyway despite what they’re calling a treatment violation but you don’t have to do anything because it’s really no big deal either way.

There was one slight caveat, and in the interest of timeliness I will paraphrase it here. If you happen to be:

1.) pregnant;

2.) an infant or toddler (and miraculously reading the bulletin posted three feet above your head);

3.) ancient;

4.) immunity-compromised in any way

…and are thinking about drinking some yummy tap water LAST OCTOBER… then don’t. You’re welcome.

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