Rain, Dear

It’s another drizzly, early spring morning in NYC – in December. This is the second consecutive year where we appear to be gearing up for a relatively mild winter, and cries of global warming fill the holiday air. Next year when we’re under 13 feet of snow we’ll see just how committed people really are to this notion (which is real nonetheless), but for now, this winter-hater is living it up. Me and the robins. The formerly migratory, not-going-anywhere-this-year-thank-you robins.

I remember a similar stretch of mild weather from some years ago: the winters of 1990-91 and ’91-92, if I’m not mistaken. We enjoyed thunderstorms, occasional 60-degree days, and scant snowfall. And when you’re schlepping through the city to ship crap nobody wants across the country or trying to get to various and sundry appearances, it’s a lot easier when you’re not scrambling over crusty mounds of blackened ice, or leaping over foot-deep brackish puddles (and almost making it).

Granted, this global warming trend will have serious repercussions for many, many creatures (not just humans), although there will be benefits for others, to be sure. In the spirit of evolution, my prediction is that folks/critters who stay put and defiantly cross their arms/paws will fare less well than those who adapt to opportunities elsewhere. (I did not invent this.) And let’s not forget that this pattern is not unprecedented, and was bound to recur whether people ever showed up on earth or not – though perhaps not as quickly. But our efforts to understand and improve our surroundings, and the resulting, resounding screw-ups – they’re all part of nature, too. (I have this idea that in a thousand years somebody’s gonna dig us up and go, “Math! How adorable was that?“)

Big-picture thinking doesn’t make the occasional disaster or societal horror any less devastating, but our pattern-seeking brains need to be reminded that there’s a lot that’s beyond our control. Which may be why we find ourselves talking about the weather so much. Especially now.

Merry Myth-mas. It’s not about you.

PS – There’s more info on the Performance page, but come check out The Rehearsal Room this Wednesday (12.19) to hear songs from the new project I’ve been working on with The Lindsay Mendez! And this Saturday (12.22), I’m up in Hudson NY for Mistletoe Martinis with Musty at Club Helsinki! And happy holidays, for real.

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