Blog Party: All the News That’s Fit to Be Alluded To

Amid the furious activity that is my life (I’m up!!), I neglected to post a blog entry last week, and here’s what happened:


Even so, my initial intention way back in May of 2012 (it was a far more innocent time then) was to maintain a weekly presence of musings and rants, and I’ve been doing my best to honor that – universal apathy notwithstanding.

Fact is, sometimes I just don’t have that much to say; can you tell?! I am gearing up to announce several exciting new capers-in-the-works, but I can’t just yet, so do stay tuned. But beyond that, life is a bit too uneventful lately to be interesting, and not bad enough to complain about in my customary fashion. (In the interest of full disclosure, even Time/Warner returned to address that Planet-of-the-Apes wiring job they did a few weeks ago, so now I don’t even have that.)

We had a great Thanksgiving with friends; those of you who follow Gashole are aware that Karen Mack is very funny and sings all the songs, but you may not know what an artist she is in the kitchen (I was gonna add “where she belongs,” but opted to take the high road and resist. You’re welcome). Perhaps you saw her Cookie-of-the-Day posts on facebook last month; if so, you know that 1.) there’s more butter in her house than all of Wisconsin, or wherever it comes from, and 2.) she seriously should have her own Food Network show. She’s like the Paula Deen of cooking. So that was good.

Now, as Solstice Evasion Mythology Time kicks into high gear (also called The Holiday Season by retailers and other earthlings), I certainly know that it’s a good thing to not have much to crab about. And I’m thankful to Whatever Hasn’t Dropped a Piano on My Head (Yet) for that.

‘Nuff said.

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2 Responses to Blog Party: All the News That’s Fit to Be Alluded To

  1. Bob Sembiante says:

    Did you learn the phrase “‘Nuff Said” from Stan Lee and Marvel Comics? I use it often, and can only think I learned it from Spiderman. What a rich literary history I have…

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