Song of the Week: “Jam and Jive” (cut song from Hurricane)

Here’s a song that used to be in Hurricane, till it got cut. Listen, it happens; it’s just part of the process, as they say. Or the journey, if they don’t want to be my friend anymore. Anyway, poor Jesse Vargas, our musical director, took it pretty hard. He really likes “Jam and Jive.” So off he went and created this fab orchestration for his demo reel. We’d already recorded a version years ago with just piano (and 800 singers), so he did his instrumental session, and then I sent him the isolated vocal tracks and he mashed ‘em up together. Now that Hurricane is showing signs of life again after a couple years’ dormancy, I thought you might like to hear this. Besides, at least some part of it could turn up in a later version of the score, so now you’ll be ready.

Vocal solo: Ben Holtzman
Other vocals: I can’t remember everybody; sorry! I know Ryan “Wingnut” Bogner was one.

Music and lyrics by Michael Holland
© 2005 Holland Highwater Music, ASCAP

Orchestration/musical direction/production: Jesse Vargas
Vocal Arrangement: me

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  1. V. Hansmann says:

    you’re tellin’ me lies.

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