Song(s) of the Week: “Take It Easy/Never Too Easy”

from 12 Angry Men

Here are a couple more little tunes from the recently rejected (by email) score. These two occur shortly after the opening extravaganza (I’ll probably post a version of that at some point) – “Take It Easy” is the young Foreman’s attempt to establish order and civility as jury deliberation commences. “Never Too Easy” is an internal monologue by Juror Number 8, who is missing his little boy at home. In cracking the play open, as directed by our producers, we found that rather than make the show primarily “about” the sledgehammer message of “racism is wrong (this just in),” we wanted to explore the various dynamics of fathers and sons.

They hated it!

The two songs also establish some musical/lyrical themes to be revisited throughout the evening. I had been rather pointedly advised to make the score melodic as well, so here you go.

They hated it!


Music and lyrics ©2012 Michael Holland, ASCAP

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